DNA: Digitally Designed

by Fazale Rana

We live in uncertain and frightening times.

There seems to be no end to the serious risks confronting humanity. In fact, in 2014, USA Today published an article identifying the 10 greatest threats facing our world:

  • Fiscal crises in key economies
  • ...

How Does Zoroastrianism Compare to Christianity?

by Ken Samples

Everybody knows about the Middle Eastern monotheistic religions of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. But few people know there is another religion that originated in the Middle East whose adherents also believe in and worship one God. That little known religion is called Zoroastrianism, or the Parsi faith.

As we saw in my previous article [link...

Grand Tack Model Reveals More Solar System Designs

by Hugh Ross

All standard planetary formation models, when applied to the solar system, are stymied by the “Mars Problem” and the “Main Belt Problem.” Most solar system formation models can explain the masses and orbits of the solar system’s four gas giant planets (Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune) as well as the masses and orbits of Mercury, Venus, and Earth. They predict,...

Responding to Neil deGrasse Tyson’s Comments on God

by Jeff Zweerink

On May 14, 2017, Chelsea posted a video (see below) where she asked Neil deGrasse Tyson whether he believed in God. The video takes about two minutes to provide an unsurprising answer of “No.” However, in his answer, deGrasse Tyson makes a few claims about Christianity that need addressing.


A Critical Reflection on Adam and the Genome, Part 2

by Fazale Rana

When I began college, I signed up for a premed major but quickly changed my course of study after my first biology class. Biology 101 introduced me to the fascinating molecular world inside the cell. At that point, I was hooked. All I wanted was to become a biochemist.

But there was another reason why I gave up on the prospects of becoming a physician. I didn’t think I had the mental...

Take Up and Read: How to Read a Book

by Ken Samples

This current blog series on Reflections is intended to encourage Christians to read more vigorously by providing a beginner’s guide to some of the Christian classics in such fields as theology, philosophy, and apologetics. Hopefully a very brief introduction to these important Christian texts will motivate today’s believers, as St. Augustine was called to in his dramatic...

More Reasons to Thank God for Viruses

by Hugh Ross

One of our staff scholars, Anjeanette “AJ” Roberts, is a virologist and molecular biologist. I have heard her speak several times on viruses and their connection to the Christian faith. It is an outstanding talk. She brilliantly explains why, on every biological and medical level, we need to thank God for viruses.

As one trained in the physical sciences, I am interested in...

A Critical Reflection on Adam and the Genome, Part 1

by Fazale Rana

Who doesn’t like a bargain? I sure do. And I am a sucker for 2-for-1 specials.

For those interested in science-faith discussions, the recent book by biologist Dennis Venema (Trinity Western University) and New Testament scholar Scot McKnight (Northern Seminary) is quite the deal. Two books in one, Adam and the Genome presents a scientific and theological case for evolutionary...