Have Origin-of-Life Researchers Found the RNA World “Money Train”?

by Fazale Rana

As I write this blog post, amateur treasure hunters in Poland are trying to determine if a local legend is true. According to the lore, during the end of World War II, as the Germans escaped the advancing Soviet army, a train loaded with $200 million in gold, silver, and valuable art disappeared in a complex series of secret tunnels beneath a castle in the Owl Mountains. The 

The Alien Signal That Wasn’t

by Jeff Zweerink

“Hear Me Now? ‘Strong Signal’ from Sun-like Star Sparks Alien Speculation” —CNN

“Aliens May Have Sent a ‘Strong Message’ from Deep in Space, Scientists Claim” —

Christian Thinkers 101: A Crash Course on Irenaeus

by Ken Samples

Irenaeus was one of the first Christians to defend the faith against Gnosticism, but what exactly did he believe and what else did he contribute to Christianity? Here’s your crash course on the life and accomplishments of Irenaeus—and why he still matters today.

Who Was Irenaeus?

Irenaeus (c. 130–202) was a Greek thinker who was born in Asia Minor to a...

Are We Alone in the Cosmos?

by Hugh Ross

My book Improbable Planet, due to be released next week, provides the most extensive explanation and documentation to date that the entire universe, every event in Earth’s history, and every life-form that has ever existed must be exquisitely fine-tuned to make possible the existence of...

Piltdown Man: The Fact and Fantasy of the Hominid Fossil Record

by Fazale Rana

In high school and college, I played my fair share of practical jokes. While a few of the victims of my hoaxes appreciated my sense of humor, most were “not amused.” (To quote my high school English teacher Mrs. Hodges who, in turn, was quoting Queen Victoria: “Mr. Rana, we are not amused.”)

Hoaxes aren’t just frowned upon in high school. They are really...

Did Aliens Put a Wow Signal in Our DNA?

by Hugh Ross

Thanks to Facebook and Google Translate, I have developed a relationship with a budding Christian apologist and scientist in Ukraine. Artem recently alerted me to a paper published in the journal Icarus by two Kazakhstan astronomers, Vladimir Shcherbak and Maxim Makukov.1 In the paper, the authors claim to have...

The Image of God Gives All Human Life Value

by Ken Samples

Lethal acts of terrorism, controversial police shootings, and attacks upon law enforcement officers have left many unsettled in America. These horrific public killings cause many to wonder whose lives really matter in life.

So do all human lives have value? And, if so, on what basis do they carry worth? Without debating the controversial social and political issues involved, I will...

Unique Time Window for Mountain Scenery

by Hugh Ross

Kathy and I, some RTB staff, and a few friends of the ministry recently returned from an extraordinary adventure. We trekked the Canadian Rockies, navigating around crevasses on three different glaciers with crampons, ice axes, and ropes, crossing several moraine fields, ascending and descending on shale and scree, and traversing along the steep walls of a mountain (properly protected by a...

Is Global Warming All Bad?

by Jeff Zweerink

Want to stir up some controversy? Just make some definitive statement about global warming, either good or bad. Chances are high that someone will strongly disagree. The scientific data demonstrates pretty conclusively that Earth’s surface temperature has risen by 1°F over the last 40 years.

While widespread consensus exists regarding the rise in temperature, major disagreements occur...