Another Reason to Thank God for Viruses

by Hugh Ross

Our most recent scholar-evangelist staff addition is Dr. Anjeanette “AJ” Roberts. You can find a formal photo of her on our website. AJ joined us last August for our Icefall Canyon traverse, where I took the two much more informal photos below of AJ and her friend and neuroscientist Ivana Kuo on top of the canyon, and of AJ...

Does Life Need to be Carbon-Based?

by Jeff Zweerink

Some science fiction writers imagine incredible adventures in bizarre or far-fetched environments. One personal favorite of mine is the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode “Where No One Has Gone Before.” A character referred to as “The Traveler” uses his unusual powers to transport the Enterprise to the outer rim of the...

Middle Ground in the Age of the Universe Debate

by Hugh Ross

As many of you are well aware, there is a fierce, seemingly never-ending debate in the Christian community over the age of the universe. For several decades now I have been at the center of this debate, having written three books,1 contributed to a debate book,2 and participated in more than a dozen public debates,3 with more books and debates sure to...

3 Books to Deepen Your Delight in Jesus

by Ken Samples

I have a new book coming out in early 2017 titled God among Sages: Why Jesus Is Not Just Another Religious Leader (Baker Books). In this new volume, I compare Jesus with Buddha, Krishna, Confucius, and Muhammad. In preparation for writing my new book, I read close to 100 books about the life and ministry of Jesus Christ and about the sages of the world’s religions. In light of...

Middle Age Is Good, Especially for Our Sun

by Hugh Ross

The most elaborate birthday celebration I ever had was the one our Reasons to Believe staff organized for my 60th birthday. I was expecting just a token nod for having completed 60 trips around the Sun. Instead, I was feted by 60 guests for several hours. The most generous comment of the night was that I had finally attained middle age since I had reached half of the biblical limit on the...

The Importance of Plate Tectonics

by Jeff Zweerink

Growing up in the Midwest, I thoroughly enjoyed the impressive thunderstorms that took place during the summer months. I used to watch with rapt attention as lightning streaked across the sky and would wait in anticipation for the booming thunderclap. Occasionally, tornado alarms also accompanied the storms. Since I was and still am impressed by powerful displays of nature, one of my personal...

Microscopic Superheroes Challenge Inferences in Science

by Anjeanette Roberts

Faster than a speeding bullet! More powerful than a locomotive! Able to leap tall buildings in a single bound! . . . It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s . . . Mighty Moss Piglet!

The Super Ts

Actually, it’s just a tardigrade, and they aren’t really fast. Their name actually means...

Placenta Optimization Shows Creator’s Handiwork

by Fazale Rana

The Creator of the universe desires an intimate relationship with each of us.

It is one of the more outrageous claims of the Christian faith. And no passage of Scripture expresses the intimacy between Creator and creature more than Psalm 139:13.

A fresh perspective on this passage of...

When Did God Create Adam and Eve?

by Hugh Ross

No matter where I speak in the world, people in my audiences press me for a precise date for God creating the first human beings, Adam and Eve. Seeing how disappointed they are when I tell them that neither the Bible nor science offers an exact date gives me some sympathy for why Archbishop James Ussher and John Lightfoot felt compelled to calculate to the day and the hour the timing of...

Christian Thinkers 101: A Crash Course on St. Basil

by Ken Samples

Not many people are known as so-and-so “the Great.” But St. Basil the Great was one of the finest thinkers, writers, and preachers in Christian church history. What did this man believe, and what did he ultimately contribute to historic Christianity? Here’s your crash course on the life and accomplishments of St. Basil the Great—and why he still matters today.

Who Was St....