Another Way Life Requires Carbon

by Jeff Zweerink

Have you ever hard-boiled an egg? As the egg basks in the heat of the boiling water, the gooey, almost-liquid egg white and the gelatinous yolk slowly transform into spongy and powdery solids. Yet, when the egg cools back to its original temperature, the interior remains solid. Why is that? You might be inclined to respond “Because that’s the way eggs work.” True, but that...

What Does the Discovery of Earth’s Oldest Fossils Mean for Evolutionary Models?

by Fazale Rana

Communication can be a complex undertaking. Often, people don’t say what they really mean. And if they do, their meaning is often veiled in what they say. That’s why it’s important to learn how to read between the lines. Understanding the real meaning when something isn’t explicitly stated usually requires experience and some insider’s knowledge.

Thanks to my expertise in...

12 Evidences for the Resurrection of Jesus, Part 3

by Ken Samples

Today’s skeptics of Jesus’s resurrection sometimes state that religious people are too quick to accept reports about miracles. Those who doubt the miraculous often insist that miracle claims aren’t usually sufficiently questioned. But was this the case among Jesus’s apostles concerning the resurrection?


Earliest Complex Vegetation and the Bible’s History of Life

by Hugh Ross

A new discovery reveals that complex vegetation appeared much earlier on Earth than previously thought. This discovery, as I will explain, has profound theological significance. Let me first, however, set the historical stage.

Earth’s first life-forms were prokaryotes. Prokaryotes are Earth’s simplest organisms. They are...

Fearfully and Wonderfully Made

by Anjeanette Roberts

Have you ever wondered if human cloning might be a real possibility? And if so, how close we might be to seeing mini-me’s walking about? I think about this periodically. And I have to admit, I’ve met very few people that I think would be clone-worthy. I’m certainly not one of them!

Even though almost all of my cells contain the genetic blueprints to make a replica of...

12 Evidences for the Resurrection of Jesus, Part 2

by Ken Samples

Christian apologist Walter Martin used to say that the real death rate is one per person, meaning that each person’s death is a matter of when, not if. Therefore, because we are mortal creatures and thus stalked by death, if Jesus Christ actually conquered death through his resurrection, then this is the most important news for all human beings to hear and to...

Testing Quantum Gravity Models

by Hugh Ross

Two weeks ago, I wrote about how recent observations of distant quasars and blazers at short wavelengths eliminated many of the quantum gravity models certain atheists appeal to in their attempts to escape a cosmic beginning and the implied cosmic...

Science Journals and Creation Ex Nihilo

by Jeff Zweerink

What is the most popular verse in the Bible? Most would say John 3:16, but I think a good case exists for Genesis 1:1—”In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.” Aside from being the first verse in the Bible, it also articulates an important Christian doctrine, i.e.,