12 Evidences for the Resurrection of Jesus, Part 7

by Ken Samples

I like to visit cemeteries because they remind me that I’m mortal and life is very short. Seeing the graves of people also focuses my attention upon eternal issues like what will await me after death. I like to think that reflecting upon my death will help me live a more authentic and focused life.

Having now briefly examined nine evidences supporting Jesus’s resurrection...

What Does Animal Altruism Tell Us about God?

by Hugh Ross

I was at a science conference a few weeks ago where one of the scientists claimed in her lecture that the altruistic behavior we observe in certain mammal species proves that we humans share a common ancestor with these animals through common descent alone. Specifically, she tried to demonstrate in her talk that the altruistic behavior of humans compared to that of these animals differs only...

Does Radiocarbon Dating Prove a Young Earth? A Response to Vernon R. Cupps

by Fazale Rana

In my experience, one of the most persuasive scientific claims for a young Earth is the detection of carbon-14 in geological samples such as coal and fossilized dinosaur remains.1 According to young-earth creationists (YECs), if the coal samples and fossils are truly millions of years old (as the scientific community claims), then there shouldn’t be any trace of carbon-14 in these...

12 Evidences for the Resurrection of Jesus, Part 6

by Ken Samples

It is hard to exaggerate the importance of Jesus’s resurrection to Christianity, for Christ’s resurrection truly stands at the very center of the Christian faith. It serves both as a crucial Christian doctrine and as the faith’s most potent argument: If Jesus actually conquered death, then there is no more important news for all human beings to hear and to reflect upon. Easter...

Our Sun Is Still the One and Only

by Hugh Ross

I grew up in coastal British Columbia where the weather was easy to predict. If you could see the mountains, you knew it was going to rain. If you could not see the mountains, it was raining already.

We had a student in our high school who was from an African desert nation. Other students would playfully tease him about his ancestors worshiping the Sun. His usual retort was, “You...

12 Evidences for the Resurrection of Jesus, Part 5

by Ken Samples

Does every historic movement emerge from a specific cause? If so, what caused the Christian religion to come into being? According to the original followers of Jesus of Nazareth, the church sprang into existence and was deeply shaped because of the truth of the bodily resurrection of Jesus Christ.

The first four parts of this series (see 

Dragging Space and Time and the Existence of God

by Hugh Ross

Proving the reliability of general relativity to precisely describe the dynamics (movements) of massive bodies in the universe is fundamental to establishing the spacetime theorems.1 These theorems prove the beginning (creation) of space and time. The creation of space and time implies the existence of a Creator beyond space and time, which uniquely describes the God of the...

12 Evidences for the Resurrection of Jesus, Part 4

by Ken Samples

Some people have had dramatic religious conversions. In fact, my three favorite Christian thinkers outside of the biblical authors—St. Augustine, Blaise Pascal, and C. S. Lewis—all experienced amazing life-changing conversions to Christianity. But there is one person whose conversion to the Christian faith changed the world forever. That individual said that his spiritual transformation was...